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Comprehesive conservation and preservation of fauna and flora

Lets Get Stated To Familiries Our Self With The History And The Background Of Snake Park

The present day development of the Lesotho 's First Snake Park at Qacha 's nek was first introduced at the village of Ha-Hlapalimane at Qacha 's nek, on the year 18thOctober 1998, by Nkhooa Molahlehi.

Snake Park is mainly located at Qacha 's nek districts in Lesotho. The park is not away from town but up to 30M from the trafic circle . It is opposite to Qacha 's nek Police station. The Park is strategically located approximatelly 1.8km from the the Boarder Gate of Qacha'sNek and Matatiele.

This site is unique in Lesotho, not only because it is the country's only snake park, but because you can also get your car washed while you visit the anacondas, endemic puff adders and spitting cobras. Oh, and the eccentric, local herpetologist who owns the place also keeps bees. And the first chief of Qacha's Nek used to live in a cave above where the snakes are kept.

The site view of the Snake Park

Objectives and the aims of the snake park

To conserve and preserve the diminishing of fauna and flora

To contributes towards environmental awareness in schools, hospitals and communities

To contributes towards sustainable tourist attraction in Lesotho

The goal and aim of Snake Park

To engage the community and visitors in sustainable tourism and conservation; to empower an HIV affected community and to create new business opportunities in Lesotho.

One of the main drivers for the Snake Park and Tourism Information Center was the alarming rate of land degradation in Lesotho.

Distance from neighbour towns

Maseru - 247 KM

Quthing - 193 KM

Semonkong - 140 KM

Matatiela - 38.4 KM