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RedWood Tree Lesotho

The vegetation of the Snake Park includes but among them the only redwood tree that is found in Lesotho and Southern in Californian America, Leucosidea Sericea (Cheche in Sesotho) and many others.

The side view of the snake park has a redwood tree, which is the first and only tree in Africa but found at Snake Park Qacha 's nek in Lesotho. This tree can grow up to 400 feet height. states that red wood tree is not just a treebut it is part of the complex communities of living things interacting with their environment.

redwood tree redwood tree redwood tree redwood tree

Studies also shows that saving red wood tree is critical for protecting life. added that the local red wood tree are crucial in providing a healthy, stable climate. Besites that, they also shows that red wood tree capture more carbon dioxide (CO2) from cars, trucks, power plants and burning grass as compared to other trees on Earth. Through the process of photosynthesis, then it convert CO2 which is the leading source of acceleraing climate change - into Oxygen (O2) which we inhale 22/7.

WOW!, Does this mean Qacha 's nek is more saved from climate change as compared to other places?